By Keola Kawanako

Selecting or making the perfect anthurium potting soil is crucial should you desire to grow a healthy anthurium plant. Should you use a bad potting soil, your anthurium might develop slowly, quit flowering and even perish. Just before I tell you the best way to create the perfect anthurium potting soil, I am planning to give you a little background about the growing media that wild anthuriums grow in, to ensure that you'll be able to recognize what makes for a fantastic planting medium.

Undomesticated anthuriums don't live in pots. I hope this isn't a big surprise. They come from South America and they live in temperate jungles, mostly on the trunks of trees.

Living on trees enables them to receive plenty of moisture from fog and rain, and it enables this moisture to drain aside rapidly. They are strange plants because they enjoy moisture, yet continual contact with moisture can easily kill them. Living on trees makes it possible for them to keep their roots away from standing water and permits their roots to receive plenty of oxygen.

When deciding on or constructing a potting mix you must bear in mind the main reason they grow on trees. The majority of planting mixes retain too much water. So if you utilize these kinds of mixes your plant might perish from being exposed to too much water. The extra water might stop air from getting to the roots and enable anaerobic fungi and bacteria to thrive.

You can avoid this by building your personal planting soil. Your mix has to drain well and it ought to be loose and light to keep your anthurium healthy. To create the perfect potting soil, use 2 parts orchid planting media, 1 parts perlite, 5 parts miracle grow moisture control potting soil and 2 parts peat moss. Combine this together thoroughly and then sow your anthurium plants within it.

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