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Most people like soaking in the bath, even those individuals who say that you can not get clean in a bath. It is very soothing, but there are some things that can raise the level of your enjoyment of relaxing in the bath. Most of these accessories for relaxing in the bath are good for Jacuzzis. hot tubs, spas and normal baths.

The first thing that helps make a bath more relaxing is bubble bath. You ought to not use bubble bath in a hot tub - hot spa with a filter, because it can clog up the filter, but bath salts are a good alternative to bubble bath. A waterproof pillow also helps you unwind in the bath.

Aromatic bath salts or bubble bath can have a very soporific influence, so be certain that you do not fall asleep, especially if you are indulging in my second favourite way of relaxing in the bath. I like to have a couple of glasses of red wine in the bath, but in that case you have to be particularly cautious not to fall asleep, especially if you have had a hard day.

If you are fond of a romantic bath alone or with a friend, candles are the way to go. Get the large, thick candles so that they will not burn down or tumble over. Candles can be dangerous if you do not place them on candle holders or loose tiles, which is why I recommend thick candles. Again they can be aromatic.

Many of people like to listen to music in the bath, but be cautious of using anything that necessitates mains power whilst you are in the water. It is better to use a battery powered or rechargeable unit for replaying your music.

If you have a spare CD player, you could build it into an outdoor hot tub and run it off the mains for the pump, but just put it out of reach of the Jacuzzi. Use a remote if you want to control it. Bathing in the garden is excellent, but we can not all manage that.

You can recreate an outdoor atmosphere by putting potted plants in the bathroom. Some plants do not like a lot of light, but do like a humid atmosphere. Some orchids fall into this bracket, but there ought to be plenty of others too - merely enquire at your garden centre.

Mirrors are sexy in the bathroom and will help the room look larger and more full or candles and plants. The bathroom is often the smallest room in the house, so a few mirrors will help create it look bigger.

If you are in a standard bath indoors in the bathroom, you could fit a bubble mat. It is like a shower mat, but it pumps air and recycles water through holes in it, making it act a little like a hot tub spa. A bath bubble mat is no surrogate for a spa, but it is better than nothing and is fairly cheap.

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