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The two places people like to spend time relaxing is in the den or in the bedroom. In the bedroom there is often a television and books for reading before one turns in for the night. Making it comfortable is therefore of paramount importance. Usually people would decorate it by adding traditional bedroom items like high quality comforters or a soft rug.

However, something that many people don't think about first is how a nice light can turn even an uncomfortable room into a comfortable one, or a messy one into a not-so-messy one. The colors of the lamp can soften even a poorly decorated room, and cast shadows where needed. One of the best kinds of shades are glass lamp shades.

Glass lamp shades are usually a bit more expensive than fabric shades because of the extra craftsmanship and materials needed. For example, antique glass shades can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. But thankfully, one can always find lamp shades at much lower prices. At large, chain furniture stores, a lamp shade may only cost about $20. The key is to select one that is appropriate to the decor of your home.

There are many types of shades, two of which are called cylinder lamp shades and glass cone shades. They are named for obvious reasons (their shape). In the following we review three other kinds.

Tiffany lamp shades are famous throughout the U.S. and the world. They are the product of Louis Comfort Tiffany, whose creative forces gave rise to the style of lamp shades that bears his name today. His father was the same who started the famous jewelry store synonymous with quality. There are two main reasons why Tiffany indulged in lamp shades. The first is that he had classical training in the arts and understood the construction of stained glass windows in churches. The second is that he was by trade also an interior designer who thought up novel home decor ideas. The creations from his laboratory were well-known for being vibrant, brilliant and deeply moving. A hundred years later the original pieces are still in high demand, but many need serious restoration.

The word torchiere brings to mind a standing light with a single source of light at the top. In many homes torchiere lamp shades are used in places that could use soothing lighting. The shade is most often a broad cone that flares toward the ceiling for shining the light across a wide area, meaning that the light is diffused evenly all over the area. Torchiere lamp shades are available in many tones and diameters. Measure the width on wide side for the size and in addition the fitter of the glass shade on the lower side.

Glass light shades are produced in even more sizes and shapes. The styles have rich names, for example hurricane glass shades and gas lamp shades. The hurricane shade is typified by an hour-glass design that gets fat in the waist and afterwards getting narrow into a thin neck. Because of its distinctive profile it is an extremely stylish piece of lighting. One other fascinating glass shade is the traditional gas lamp shade that saw itself installed in many homes in the age of Victorian England. The day and age observed the rise of gas lights and the subsequent proliferation in both number and artistic styles.

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