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Enjoying those times of perfect weather will be more enjoyable with the comfort of patio furniture. Furniture can be found for any type of occasion. Whether you love to start your morning by having your coffee on the patio, curling up with a good book under the stars or having a family meal outdoors, you will want the appropriate furniture.

One kind of patio furniture is constructed of wood. Wooden furniture is proven as the most popular choice. Wooden furniture is available in a plethora of woods, such as cedar, teak and hardwood. Outdoor furniture made of wood,offers sturdy construction with a stylish, classic look. With this sort of furniture, little maintenance is necessary. The differing types of wood offer different coloring to the furniture pieces. Cedar and cypress will show a darker tone in the wood. Which is also true of other hardwoods, and these are also simple to care for. Teak is a lighter color of wood. Patio furniture covers will keep furniture pieces guarded against Mother Nature.

An additional type of patio furniture is created of wrought iron. This type of outdoor furniture remains the second most popular because of its easy maintenance, elegance and style. A premium wrought iron piece is generally specially treated to avert rusting. The wrought iron is formed by hand, featuring architectural style and additional features for comfort. Some may even include the coiled springs to act as a cushion.

Also popular, is plastic or PVC patio furniture. Some people prefer the lighter weight along with the maintenance-free ease of plastic furniture. This furniture can be found in many colors; green, sand and white are the more popular. Plastic sets are made that look like wood. While shopping for this kind of furniture, remember that adage, "You get what you pay for". Patio sets that are sold at the local home center might be less expensive, however will also be less sturdy and most likely not as attractive as the plastic models made of a higher grade plastic. It is suggested that the investment of a bit more up front be made to benefit from the greater quality and beauty.

The fourth most popular style of patio furniture is built of aluminum. Outdoor chairs and tables have been constructed of two main classes of aluminum: cast iron or casual aluminum. Both imitate the facade of wrought iron although they are a lighter weight. Furniture built of cast aluminum will, as a rule, have a framework created of all metal, inclusive of the seating area. So, cushions are frequently desired for added comfort. This is commonly the more expensive type of aluminum outdoor furniture. Moreover, casual aluminum patio furniture typically features the framework made of all metal but has a seating material of softer fabric or wicker. The differentiation in seating material usually helps the cost stay lower and provides more comfort.

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