By Owen Jones

Mankind desires light. We humans are reliant on light unlike some other species. Our whole world existed only in the day time for millions of years. We woke up with the sunlight and went to bed when the sun went down. Afterward, we learned to produce our own light, but we were not totally successful at it until we commenced using electricity to produce light.

This has worked well for almost a hundred years, but now we realize that the main fuel used to produce our electricity, namely oil, is becoming too difficult to get hold of and more and more wars are being fought to ensure the West's supply of oil.

Not only that, but greater and greater risks are being taken by oil bosses, which has lead to more and more disasters like that of the deep sea rig off Louisiana in the USA.

Therefore, the time has come, some even say that it is long overdue, that we rely on a different source of power and less on oil. The easiest and least hazardous way to create electricity at the moment seems to be solar power. The technology has been with us for decades, but it was not viable for households to use it because it was so expensive, but that is no longer the case.

The capability to use solar power to produce electricity for our lighting and indeed all our requirements is there, already on hand. The only difficulty is that there are many oil baron billionaires who do not see this development as being in their interest. And they are right, in a way, it is not in their selfish interest to decrease our dependence on oil, but it is in the planet's and its population's interest. That is mankind's dilemma at the moment.

Solar panels can be utilized to make electricity for immediate use either inside or outside the home and the excess generated can either be stored in batteries or fed back into the electric grid for which you will be remunerated (and compensated at a very high rate, in some countries).

If you do not want to come off the grid just quite yet, you could still use solar panels to power some of your external lights. In fact, there is a wide choice of outdoor lighting that makes its own power.

These external lights use mini solar panels, which the producer has built in to the casing of the light to create power from the sunlight during daylight hours and then stores it in internal batteries to be used later on.

These lights also have a capacity to run the light on battery power from dusk until dawn. The solar unit determines whether to charge the batteries or give off light by the strength of the ambient light. This solar power set up is ideal for external security lighting and accent lighting in the garden. They are perfect for lighting up the fish pond or the drive too.

Solar powered external lighting has come a long way and it is well worth you finding out more, if you would like to reduce your dependency on electricity produced by oil from the grid.

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