By Owen Jones

Does your family like to go picnicking? If so, are you advocates of picnic blankets or picnic tables? Regular picnic goers have their favourites, you know! Some picnickers are hard and fast picnic blanket people while others like to sit at a picnic table. In this piece we will take a look at the pros and cons of picnic blankets and picnic tables.

The first thought is where are you going to hold that picnic? Is it going to be in your garden, in the country or on the beach? Picnic tables and their seats do not settle very well in sand, so unless you can nail your table and seats to a set of old skis, you will almost certainly find it easier to use blankets on the beach. In this case, use something that the sand sticks to like wool, because it cuts down on the sand drifting into the sandwiches.

The next consideration is, what was the weather like the day before? That is, is the grass likely to be wet or even muddy? If it is likely to be wet, then you will not want to be sitting on wet blankets and wet grass, although you could put a waterproof sheet like a tarpaulin under the blanket. However, if it is likely to be muddy, I would be in favour of postponing the picnic until a drier spell.

The next thought is the fitness of the people you are going to be picnicking with. Are they physically capable of sitting on the ground and getting back up again? Many elderly people are not, neither are the overweight or people with bad backs or bad knees. If you want to take blankets anyway, you will have to provide chairs for these people and they can eat off their knees.

Another consideration is the number of guests that have been invited. Picnic tables mostly seat four or six; six or eight at a push, so if you are expecting twenty people, that is quite a number of tables and seats. Not many households can run to four or five picnic tables and twenty chairs, but you could think about having the adults seated at tables and the children on blankets.

If you just can not get hold of the required number of tables and seats, maybe some of your guests could bring their own to supplement what you already have. Most people are quite willing to chip in if they have anything you can use.

Whether you choose picnic blankets or picnic seats depends on a number of factors including your own personal preference, but it is almost certainly true to generalize that a younger group of picnicker will probably prefer a traditional picnic on a blanket, whilst an older group will prefer sitting at picnic tables.

Therefore, in a mixed group of young and old, you should provide both picnic blankets and picnic tables roughly in proportion to the number of your guests who are older or younger, say over and under forty years of age.

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