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The spa industry is highly competitive. Spa supplies San Diego is one way you can stay ahead of the other local spas and become an industry leader. New spa products can help you expand your range of services as well as increase the types of products you can offer for sale.

Many of the trendiest products are those based on a single new ingredient that offers treatment properties. Chocolate, one of the oldest and most flexible foods, is now being used in spas. Salons are using chocolate in their facial and massage treatments.

Another popular spa supplies San Diego trend is vinotherapy, using grapes or wine in spa services. The anti-aging properties of resveratrol, found in high concentrations in red grapes, have been well documented. Long popular in Europe, more spas everywhere have added options such as bathing in grape or wine treated waters.

If the ingredient type itself is not unique, it can still be green. Just as people are starting to shop the organic section at their grocery stores, they are also starting to prefer organic spa ingredients. They have decided that what they put on their bodies is just as important as what they put in them.

Another option for unique spa products is to use ingredients from exotics places around the globe. Treatments thousands of years old in Asia or the Middle East are traveling to new cities. Now clients can get treatments with mud from Israel's Dead sea or made from the herbs used in India's Ayurvedic tradition.

Keeping up with the fast paced spa industry can be challenging. Spa supplies San Diego can help you get access to the broadest range of the classics clients love while also propelling you to the leading edge of spa treatments. You can gain the advantage over your competition by offering a consistency of quality service across a scope of treatments using innovative products. Read more about: spa supplies san diego

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