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Having the most beautiful garden involves a lot of work and money. But the back yard and back garden can cost a lot more.

Essentially, in your garden you can place flowers, water installations and other things to get the admiration of your neighbors. However, the back yard has to impress your friends and be a relaxing place for the whole family. For your backyard to look amazing, here are the top 5 landscaping designs: the barbeque oven and terrace, the outdoor fireplace, the pool and barbeque spot, the backyard forest and the playground.

The barbeque oven and terrace are a most common but yet exquisite design for the back yard. The design possibilities are countless, not only because there is a large number of terrace designs you can build, but also because of the different colors and patters one can choose. The ground can be covered with grass, so whenever you need to feel nature, you can have a picnic in your own back yard.

The outdoor fire place for your backyard is very different from the ones you have in your home. The construction looks more rigid and unfinished, but there are also very modern designs. This type of accessory goes wonderfully on a backyard terrace. In the top 5 landscaping design, the pool and barbeque option takes the most time to complete. The barbeque place can be easily set up with a special oven and a concrete base. But the pool needs water installation, and filters; not to mention digging a big hole in your yard. The materials can be expensive, and not only those bought for the pool, but also the special chairs and the ground work. You can not come out of the pool with your feet wet on grass. However, the fact that it fits for bigger yards and because of all the money one pays for it; many prefer this type of design as a sign of richness.

The backyard forest is a very special design, but not many try to do it, simply because it is very hard to achieve. This works perfectly for nature lovers and for the patient ones. The back yard is paved in small alleys. Flowers are planted sideways, and random small trees are planted also. When these grow, the look is amazing. By planting all sorts of trees or arbutuses in a carefully planned shape, the results are amazing once they grow.

For hot areas this is the perfect backyard, since it cools off the air, provides shade and gives a lot more oxygen. The playground can be made for children and added to the other designs. But this will eventually have to be taken apart when the children grow. If the field is big enough, one can make a playground for adults.

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