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Owning your own house is great, especially if you are handy, because you never have to search very far to find something else that needs fixing. One irritating problem is squeaking doors, and that isn't really a major problem, but the sooner it gets fixed the better everyone will like it. Because it is not a critical enough problem to call for a serviceman; it's the sort of thing you would like to be able to fix yourself.

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One thing you need to do to fix it is discover exactly where the squeak is. The first thing to do, before you even think of replacing the entire door, is what we call the swing test. Try to pinpoint the actual source of the squeak simply by listening carefully as you swing the door back and forth. You'll be able to most likely find the source of the squeak this way, in addition to the cause. If you listen intently, as you are swinging the door at various speeds, you should be able to determine the exact cause of the squeak.

By far the most common cause of squeaking doors is a deficiency in hinge lubrication. So, tighten up every one of the screws, and then get a flat screwdriver to loosen-up the hinge pins, and pour some sewing machine oil, or WD-40 onto the hinge. As the oil seeps into the hinge, guide it along by carefully swinging the door open and shut. You will know straight away whether this was the trouble. If it just didn't, there is another thing that quite often happens. As time goes by, wood swells or perhaps the door warps, and quite frequently when this happens, the wood is hitting other wood. To stop this, simply move the door stop so that it doesn't impact the door itself. To achieve this you are going to need a hammer and also a block of wood. Merely position the wood over the door stop where it seems to be squeaking, and knock it over slightly.

After the door quits squeaking and opens and closes without problems, you're done. The main problem in doing this, is that you will more than likely break the paint, and needs to be repainted. Another likely cause of a door squeak may be the hinge rubbing on the jam, which may be cut in too deeply or not deep enough. If this is the case, take the hinges off and cut them in more deeply, or stick a shim in behind the hinges if they're cut too deep. It is kind of, a time and experience process, where you need to keep checking.

It may be a straightforward fix, or you may just have to replace the whole door. This is a relatively easy process if your door is of the pre-hung type. You just need to be sure your doors match and don't leave out a thorough job of re-painting. What is important is usually to do it yourself, and do it correctly.

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