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Not every single landscape is ideal and having a rock garden can help in many of those areas. You may have an area that is just too shaded and also you can't have plants since there just is not enough sun during the day to help them grow, or you may have an area that has become too dry because you are either going through a drought or rain just won't reach it.

Or, perhaps you've an excessive amount of rain and your land is just too soggy to support decent vegetation and has now become quite swampy. Rock gardens can assist in all of these problem areas and most are quite low maintenance.

Good planning can help any novice to rock gardens, but sometimes a professional's opinion might be the difference between normal and amazing.

If your land is too rocky, then you can just clear up some of the rock and attempt to arrange what is left in an aesthetically pleasing pattern.

Adding some shallow rooted plants can support break up a huge, rocky region with some green. Or, if the location is too dense with rock, then you can construct a border around the location with an artificial border, such as railroad ties - or use small plants to trace around it.

A hilly area in your land will make your soil to erode. Placing your garden in a strategic location of the land will cease the erosion and while adding a great lawn decoration. Bringing in rocks indigenous to your location will give the illusion that the garden is more natural.

An area that's just too dry or perhaps has non-fertile soil is yet another appropriate place for a rock garden, and maybe you should even contemplate a Japanese rock garden.

This type of a garden uses sand and rocks to put patterns into the ground and if you have an incredibly dry climate, this will seem intentional despite having a bad spot in your yard.

Shady areas can have a rock garden with plants that thrive within the shade. As opposed to having plants that are discovered naturally around rock, you'd take plants that do well within the shade and populate your garden with those. It is a fantastic way to expand on the rock garden concept and have a much more personalized decoration.

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