By Lawrence Greene

Before the leaf blower, gathering up leaves became a real chore. It took forever to get them all into a pile or two using just a rake. These days you get your selection of numerous leaf blowers that come in many different brands, along with different prices.

The actual leaf blower is quite straightforward, not only in design, but also function, which is to blow leaves. In essence, it's simply a tube connected with a high speed fan that's enclosed in a cover. To the side of the fan that has the air current, is where the tubing goes, pointing in the direction you want to move the leaves. For those who have a lot of trees that yield lots of leaves every Fall, or a large garden, you'll appreciate what a leaf blower can do. Get a leaf blower and you will save time and your back definitely will feel better, too.

There are one-hand leaf blowers, and also those that can be toted in a back harness that are very powerful, mainly used by professionals. If you have back and neck problems, and require one that is more powerful, then this is the type you will want. Also, you can obtain a leaf blower that is portable and can collect the leaves, or one that just blows them where you want them. Some garden leaf blowers are definitely more than just something to blow leaves around. They can gather up from grass and hedge clippings to empty cans and other rubbish. If you are uncertain which type of leaf blower is ideal for you, just consider what all you'll want it to be able to do.

Your garden work can be accomplished easily and fun by using the effective and powerful, Toro Ultra 3-in-1 Blower, Vacuum, and Leaf Shredder. Being electric powered, it's cleaner, lighter and more muted than comparable gas-fueled blowers, and still boasts 235 mph air speeds. It runs at various speeds, and has a metal impeller that shreds most debris into tiny pieces. The impeller's ability to mulch leaves converts sixteen bags of leaves into one bag. You can use this handy machine in 3 basic ways - like a regular blower, a mulcher or as a vacuum cleaner, all with no need for tools. As stated, the metal, serrated blades on this machine can mulch all kinds of debris, including, of course, fallen leaves. The resulting mulch may be spread all through your yard and/or garden, saving you money on grass and plant nutrients.

The Toro Ultra 3-in-1 Blower, Vacuum and Leaf Shredder offers assorted huge plusses: It's electric, so it requires less maintenance; it is eco-friendly, burning no fossil fuels; it is way less noisy than a gas blower. It starts with the push of a button - no twisted pull cords to deal with. There's no need to be around harmful fumes, or worry about a messy gas-oil mixture. One problem appears to be needing an electric cord and plugin.

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