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The use of planter containers, commonly called as container gardening method has been widely practiced at homes and in places where the space is limited for a garden. It becomes the best solution for garden lovers who live in limited spaces like condos and apartments. Perhaps, you have come to notice some ornamental plants grown in beautiful containers in windows of buildings you have passed by.

There are so many ways that garden containers like window boxes can enhance the beauty of natural plants especially those plants that bear flowers. It means that flowering plants when placed on decorative window boxes can create an attractive and welcoming effect on window ledges. As part of the container gardening method, the use of artful window boxes is considered the finest concept in the area of home improvement and gardening.

The introduction of window boxes is one of the most significant developments in container gardening. With the very close competition in the current market, it is a challenged to various manufacturers to come up with a wide variety of technologically advanced and quality window boxes. These window boxes are currently made available in various sizes, shapes and designs to cater the customers' look and feel on this type of gardening product.

Many garden lovers love natural beauty and most of them prefer to use wooden boxes as it complements well to the beauty of natural flowers and ornamental plants. Wood is said to have an innate quality that when made into window boxes can enhance the simple or classic appeal of the windows of our home like what it made to Providence Rhode Island Homes and Toledo OH Real Estate. Some of the most widely used window boxes are the Pasadena Redwood Planter, Banded Redwood Window Box, Paneled Redwood Window Box and Cedar Framed Cottage Window Box. Each of these boxes has distinct features but they all are made from wood with excellent quality.

One of the most popular window boxes is the Cedar Framed Cottage Window Box. It is often displayed in prominent commercial establishments such as resorts, hotels, spas, restaurants, etc. This design is creatively made with durability and reliability that keep its parts long-lasting. And besides, this type of window box is made from top Western Red Cedar that is finely built with integrated cleat system. This is one of the most functional features that are intended to secure proper mounting and to protect it from falling or slipping. The natural cedar color can complement any type of windows.

However, it should be considered that wooden window boxes are prone to corrosive elements especially on harsh weather conditions or drastic temperature change. But since wood is an organic material, it is prone to rotting, warping and peeling. This is not a problem anyway as it can be sprayed with protective sealant to maximize its durability and to make it last longer.

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