By Jane Elher

The concept of being completely self sufficient and self sustaining is not a choice for many of us but we can still quite easily grow our own fruit and vegetables. The amount of fruit and vegetables it is possible to grow will depend on how big is your garden and your creativity. In the past, citizens were more dependent on having the capability to grow their own produce. We now live in a world of superstores and online shopping therefore it is not required anymore. Interestingly, more people are beginning to get back to some of these traditional values and we will now look at the benefits associated with growing your own fruit and vegetables.

The main advantage of growing your own produce is money savings especially because the world economy is in flux. When our economy is in its erratic state, our food costs will rise or we experience a shortage of one thing or another. However, as vegetables and fruit are really easy to grow for yourself, it is possible to really start to make a difference to your family budget with a little effort at the outset. You will be content in knowing that you are enjoying produce you made yourself and the cost of making it was minimal.

In recent years there has been an expanding market for organic food and you will often see many different types of organically produced items in the shops. Without a doubt, there are lots of health benefits of eating fruit and vegetables that's been certified organic. One drawback, however, might be the expense and if you are on a tight budget it could be that you need to keep your outgoings down. On top of that, you wonder if the government criteria required to make a product certified organic are adequate. These problems can obviously be overcome by planting vegetables, fruits and herbs for yourself where you know exactly how they have been produced.

As we come to be more health conscious, we are becoming more conscious about what we eat and how safe the food is. We need to be confident that the food we eat has all the essential vitamins and minerals we need to lead healthy lives. We are all mindful of the use by dates that you see on foods but this has nothing to do with guaranteeing that we eat food when it is most nutritious. We certainly have no idea how long it took from the time it was packaged to the time it reached our store shelves. Additionally, you have to ask yourself if fruits and vegetables are harvested to satisfy transportation needs rather than when it is right from a nutritional point of view. If you have your own garden, you can pick your produce when they are at their optimum freshness with all the vital nutrients intact.

Besides the savings and health benefits, you will additionally take pleasure in growing them so don't delay, start growing your own vegetables and fruits today.

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