By Jill Campbell

Gardening has been around forever and it's something people have always enjoyed tremendously. Gardening can simply be a pleasurable hobby, or a primary focus to feed the family. This article brings more of the joy of gardening to your life.

Water is your garden's best friend. Just like people. plants need water in order to survive. On really hot days, the soil can dry out, so one must not forget to water the garden. A good watering routine will maximize the beauty of your garden.

Use rainwater to water you plants to help the environment. Almost any container, such as a barrel, is suitable to collect rain water. This will not only lower your water bill, it will conserve a natural resource too. Think about doing this to be friendly to your wallet and the world.

Always completely protect any cuts, or wait until they are healed before attempting any gardening, as this can introduce dirt or chemicals into the wound. A cut could get infected if it gets in contact with grime and dirt in the garden. Now, there are bandages available that will cover and seal the injured area completely, allowing you to continue your gardening projects.

Plant shrubs that have decorative fall fruit. Many people think that trees only produce fall foliage; however, there are many decorative trees that produce colorful berries and fruit. You will appreciate the burst of yellow and red color from berries throughout the colder months, and the birds in your garden will thank you for the food, as well. Some great examples of these types of plants are crabapple, hawthorn, chokeberry, and holly.

Get a written plan in place for your veggie garden. Make a detailed list of everything that you would like to plant, and include a clear drawing of your available growing space. You can then use that drawing to plan out where each item should be planted. Consider such things like plant width and height, and how much sun and moisture are required.

When you are mapping out your garden, you should consider the different kinds of vegetables you apply the greatest number of times in the kitchen. Once you have determined this, plant them. You will make get the most from your garden, and you will cut your monthly grocery bill. If your family doesn't eat a certain type of vegetable, don't bother growing it, as it's just a waste of space.

Gardening can be hard on your knees. Bending for extended time periods causes pain for many people. If you kneel, you can easily work on your plants without placing stress on your back. You can get a knee pad to place on the ground to kneel on so that you do not feel pain in your knees.

Gardening is a good way to have access to fresh fruits and vegetables. This is a more natural and cheaper way of getting your food. Apply these tips to make your garden the best it can be.

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