By Angel Hill

The Edge Hog does everything your product description promised....and does such a good job! I am very pleased with it, all around. The cord is no problem, even on a 3/4 acre lot. This B&E is my first edger and I think it's the best edger.

Note to new edgers: Watch for rocks - if the blade sparks, you may be hitting a rock. I just went back through after reading reviews here on amazon of other users and felt inspired to try it again. The blade does not penetrate enough depth to properly cut a decent edge. Perhaps the blade is dulled as others comment in this thread. I tell you I swear a lot when using this thing. Not worth 80 bucks. This B&D Hog Electric Edger gives excellent results, and it is very easy to operate. I'm retired now, and I've used several Gas and Electric edgers before.

This edger has thoroughly impressed me. It has plenty of power, is easy to use, and is well built.

I've got about 200ft or so of paved surface to edge and I do it every other week during the mowing season (which in this part of Georgia is from March to October basically). I have only had the edger for about 7 weeks and used it 3 times. Although it required some assembly, it was easy enough to assemble. However, the print for the installation and operation instructions was too small for my middle age eyes.

Very good edger! I found this edge hog to be very useful.

The edger is light weight, easy to control, and has a nice guide-piece that makes it quick to use. I am undecided if it is better to push forward or pull backwards when using it, but either way works pretty well.

From bending over, my back was killing me. This edger is a worthy successor. I get the feeling from reading a few reviews that those guys never figured that out. Don't be afraid to set the depth pretty deep, it leaves a beautiful edge that way and doesn't score your concrete.

The edger was able to cut through the turf with only minor difficulties. It did at one point start to overheat at a really thick muddy portion of the turf.

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