By Abraham Demny

If your garden offers an unlimited supply of water, you really are very lucky. Lots of people are now living in regions where the water is rationed during certain times of the year, and this isn't good for the health of their plants. This is really aggravating for many people but there are others who look for other ways to water their plants. You'll see that you can actually conserve water while you still have a thriving garden.

Alternatives to keep your backyard garden from drying include applying mulch or compost to keep the ground moist. You can also cluster plants according to their water needs. Drip irrigation is yet another option by which piping with small holes slowly drip water at the roots of the plants. These solutions work very well particularly if your area experiences droughts regularly. Because most droughts are usually predicted far before hand, when the rain falls beforehand, what you do can save your garden.

A well prepared person is going to set up a few rain barrels to collect some of the rain water. Somebody who is careless would likely feel it is a waste of time to try to collect the rain water. Once you have the rain collectors in place, it requires very little work, and you can get many gallons of water. If you can't obtain proper rain barrels, you could use large garbage cans or plastic drums found at your local home improvement center. These can be rather expensive, and full of water, they will be hard to move. You will also want to obtain a cover of some kind that will screen out the leaves and other debris. It is advisable to place the water barrel in a part of your home that get a lot of water run off.

The best method to collect water is usually to modify your gutters so that water can go through several spots into a rain barrel. You can perform this by simply slanting the segments of your gutter so the water runs to the corners then into the rain barrels. It is possible to collect the majority of the water that falls on your roof. It can require you to do a bit of work at the front end but once you are successfully done, there is not much maintenance involved.

You'll find that this can be very successful in keeping your garden from dying. This is all a part of preserving your garden and keeping it healthy and happy.

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