By Elmer D. Ogren

When you look by the garden tool sets, you will find rain chains, which are wonderful gifts for that special gardener on your list. Garden decor can add elegance to a garden, like rain chains, which have been around for hundreds of years. Rain chains are a functional optionto the traditional type of closed gutter downspouts that most houses have today. These beautiful water features function by guiding rain water from the roof down the chains or cups, to the ground. Sloping roofs that allow the water to run off can also use rain chains, even if there is no gutter. Installing a rain chain on your home with no gutter can be done with ease, just make sure to examine the roof carefully to see where the water runs off.

A relaxing, beautiful water rain chain can be used to easily transform a plain rain water downspout into a outdoor water display. Rain chains make audible water features, by resounding a gentle tinkling when it is sprinkling, and a beautiful white waterfall when it is raining harder. Rain chains can be enjoyed on sunny days also, because the rain chains are manufactured of metal, that the sun will shine on.

Bowls are part of some rain chains, and cups are part of other rain chains, so you can select one that is perfect for your garden accent. When people spend a lot of time outdoors, or are continually searching for the perfect garden accent, they can choose a rain chain, which have revolutionized garden and home decor.

In the Japanese culture, rain chains are in no way new and have been used for hundreds of years. The Japanese have always used their roof to recover water. The rain chains, transport the rain water from the roof down the chains, through the cups, gracefully down to the ground. In Japan the rain chains finally deposit the flowing rain water into a container, like large barrels, that will be used for their household water usage.

Closed style rain gutters are not easy to come by in South America, however, chain is easier to find, so rain chains are generally used as an alternative. Stoneware jugs or ceramic pots are regularly used in Japan, to place beneath the rain chain, so it can fill with rain water. Another unique idea, that will add to your garden, is to use a heap of rocks or even a single tile found by garden tool sets at the store, underneath the rain chain to keep the rain from making a hole in the ground.

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