By Castulo Zane

It is possible to produce weed a lot of ways- hydroponically, aeroponically or in dirt. You can find positives and negatives to each method. Hydroponics is definitely an notion that can happen to most new growers relatively quickly within the method due to the fact it is really frequent.

Hydroponic marijuana cultivation functions by supporting the plant in some kind of medium and then a water solution is run over it's root system. The water solution is manipulated to include a specific mix of nutrients. PH is also managed, as is oxygen level.

You need something to support the plant to make the system work. You can use what you want but I recommend hydroton. It is light and easy to use, and lets the water drain through easily. You can buy it online quite easily through Amazon.

Next you require something to hold the medium. A pot or container will work, but it needs to allow the water to flow through freely while being diffused. Normal pots won't work - they'll jut overflow. You can buy special pots or fill regular pots with holes.

Guess what? The pot, medium and plant combination also need something to hold them. Again, this is a container, but it has to be watertight. It also has to accommodate some plumbing fixtures. There are lots of options that will work, from 5 gallon buckets to tupperware totes to specialized containers designed specifically for the application.

You also need a container to hold the solution. Think of this as a reservoir. It will have a pump in it that will circulate the solution through the top of the system, over the plant, through the pot and hydroton, into the container holding that combo, and then back to the reservoir. Bigger systems need bigger reservoirs - smaller systems can use smaller ones.

You can now connect everything. The slution reservoir gets a pump in it. That pumps solution to the plant pots and over the plants. Gravity drains it through the root system and out of the plant pot, into the combo holding container. From there it exits at the bottom through a plumbing fitting and makes its way back to the reservoir, usually by gravity.

So, you need, in addition to the containers, hydroton, nutrients and water, a pump and some hose, as well as a power source. These need to be put together in a place where a water leak, should it occur, won't be disastrous. The system also has to be dependable enough that it won't break down and stop pumping, or get plugged somewhere along the way while it keeps pumping.

None of this is to difficult. It's all been done before, and there is a lot of room for creativity. It can be used both inside and outside, on a small scale or a big scale.

However, it does require thought and good work. It needs more monitoring in the beginning, because of the leak and blockage danger. It's harder than dirt in that respect. Still, you can really control the inputs and avoid a lot of soil problems.

All in all hydroponics is one of the best ways to grow marijuana. This is proven by experience, and by the sheer number of commercial growers who make use of the technique. Everything you require to make it work is easily available for purchase, and completely legal.

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