By Steven Flynn

One of the greatest pleasures in being a keen gardener is the ability to grow your own fruit and vegetables. You can easily feed your household food that is cheap to make but also healthier and more organic than what you would find in the supermarket. By simply cultivating your own vegetables and fruits, you really feel a strong sense of accomplishment plus you can do more with what you have grown yourself. The following article will look at what it is possible to create for your family using the food that you have harvested in your garden.

There's a great selection of fruits that you can grow in your garden and various ways in which these can be grown. As an example, it is possible to pick fruit, like apples and plums from trees and blackberries and blueberries from bushes. You can easily grow fruits off the ground or perhaps in pots such as strawberries. The perfect way to eat fruit is right off the plant and you can easily tell the difference in taste when compared to store-bought fruit. An additional way to consume freshly gathered fruit is to juice it and you can soon be producing your own smoothies that can be very nutritious.

Should you want to actually cook, you may make pies and crumbles or even use them for canning. For those who put in the work to growing your fruits, you will certainly end up having a freezer full of it. Lots of people make fruit jams and jellies they can give away as presents to people they know and love. If you adore wine, you can use a multitude of fruits to make them with grapes being the popular choice.

In terms of the veggies you raise, the most most common way you will consume these is as part of your main meals and the types of dishes you can prepare are only limited by your imagination. There is always something exceptional about the taste and smell of vegetables newly picked from the garden. Once again you can prepare more meals than you need right now and keep further stocks in your freezer. If your children do not like vegetables very much, you can make soup out of the vegetables so they can eat them. You also have the option of producing healthy vegetable juice or incorporate them with your fruit to make a delicious and nutritious drink.

If you grow your own fruit and veg, you and your family will benefit from the various ways you can eat fresh food that has been produced from your garden.

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