By Francis Pellen

There's almost nothing better than enjoying a relaxing summer time afternoon on your own back yard patio area. Having a fire pot, tiki torch, or fire pit can add a nice laid back, soothing environment. Similar to a fire, they generally tend to promote social conversation.

Fire pots give a nice decorative aspect to the patio area. After you have completed your summer time barbecue and the sun starts to fall, light up a few fire pots. I am sure the response you're going to get from family and friends is going to be positive. Your guests will love the feeling that moving flames produce on a calm, cool evening.

You'll find different sizes, shapes, and colours of fire pots. With such a huge variety, you'll find a few to fit your outdoor patio style or theme.

You might be thinking the spot that the flames comes from in a fire pot. Is there a fuel used? It is really an alcohol based solution. Since the fuel is alcohol based, it burns completely clean. Which means there is absolutely no dirty smoke, ash, or soot.

The advantage of using alcohol for a fuel is you can also use it inside. Fire pots can make a wonderful addition to interior design in addition to outside. It's similar to burning a candle.

Fire pots were originally used in prehistoric times to carry fire from one place to another. Fire started to be a vital ingredient for surviving, but early people did not know how to start fires very well. So the best way to begin a new fire would be to ignite it from a prior one. Hence, fire pots were created.

Fire pots have changed over time and these days we have numerous home appliances which come from fire pots. Stoves, ovens, boilers, and barbecues are common descendants of the fire pot. A lot of our fuels were developed because of firepots also. Propane, kerosene, charcoal, oil, and electricity are all outcomes of the first fire pots.

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