By Aaron Bramall

All gardeners look forward to achieving a great looking lawn. However there are a few things you'll need to be aware of to get your lawn looking great. And one of the most important things with any lawn is making sure that you mow it correctly.

When you start to mow your lawn again in the spring you'll need to make sure that your lawn mower is up to the job. If it has been rusting in the shed for the last few years and the cutting blade is getting tired, the very least you'll have to do is get the blade sharpened. However, investing in a new lawn mower can be the best way to get a perfect cut.

Make sure your lawn mower blades are on the highest level and for the first few cuts make sure the blade isn't lowered. If you cut the lawn too short now you risk tearing at the grass and causing damage. If you choose a setting of around 20mm you should be ok. You can lower the blade later in the season to get a really short cut.

If you want to create stripes on the lawn you'll need a good cylinder lawn mower. The roller at the rear of these mowers is what'll create the stripes. Cylinder mowers also often get the best cut too.

It's normal to cut the lawn two times a week in the summer for a perfect lawn, however if the weather is very dry once a week should suffice. If the weather is very dry it is important to raise the level of the cut and leave grass cuttings on the lawn to keep the moisture in. Many people carry on cutting their lawns very short when the weather is hot which is sure fire way to get a yellowing patch of earth.

It's easy to find a new lawn mower online. All you have to do is choose a size of lawn mower which will work with your size of lawn.

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