By Lizbeth Wilbur

Adopt a balanced approach and the healthiest possible options to caring for your equine friend. Natural horse care includes a set of naturally enhanced methods for the optimal care of these majestic animals. Increase your knowledge of developing solutions in collaboration with a qualified veterinarian for the unique requirements of horses.

A holistic approach to caring does not mean that no maintenance, medicine or supplements are required. The natural approach to caring for equines is the term given to the barefoot equine owner where knowledge is increased to incorporate all aspects of health-care in attending to horses. Here the owner will be well informed on all subjects from quality feed to necessary dental treatments when concluding the best decisions for the animal.

Horses are social animals and thus physiological needs of interacting with a herd should be fulfilled for a balanced animal. Organic grasses and periods of grazing are suitable environmentally friendly methods to a happy animal. There is no doubt the outcome is a decrease in animal stress and healthier mind and body.

With increased knowledge it is easier to make an informed decision with regard to the quality measures to implement for healthy animals. Bring organic elements into the immediate environment of the equine with natural boarding. Products used to clean stables and groom the body should use minimal amounts of harsh chemicals which could have negative consequences.

One needs to implement parasite control however substances used should be environmentally appropriate with a reduction in the use of harsh chemicals. Do not overdo medication as this can have detrimental effects for these sensitive animals. Determine important vaccinations and antibiotics only requiring these when it is necessary for well-being.

Horses are generally more relaxed when the hooves are kept in good condition. To naturally care for the feet of the animal the technique of De-shoeing is used especially when your equine is not performing as often, perhaps during the winter months. It must be incorporated with a holistic and balanced approach to obtain a healthy lifestyle.

Adopt a quality approach to ensure that your equine partner receives the best in life. Natural horse care is a holistic approach to enhancing the well-being of your precious animal. Increase your knowledge in making crucial decisions with your veterinarian and limit the amount of synthetic materials the animal is exposed to in achieving balance and health.

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