By Ethel Corning

Gardening is very beneficial so it'd be hard to think of a better activity with more benefits. A great many people know this, but you won't be aware of what you're missing if you haven't ever had your own garden. For this reason we shall be looking at a number of reasons as to why so many people all over the globe are very attached to their gardens.

The easiest way to begin a garden is to start growing one that produces vegetables that are nutritious to eat and that you can have on a daily basis. Saving money on your grocery bill every day can happen if you have a vegetable garden; the produce that you eat from your garden will be much more healthy and tasty than anything that the store-bought.

It is possible to lower your food bill, especially in regard to vegetables, if you have your own garden and harvest it everyday. People seldom buy vegetables if they are too expensive, which can be bad for their diet. Your garden is going to save you money when you have everything growing. It is a good thing to have, especially in a recessive economy, so that you can count on that food each and everyday. Emergencies may arise and if you have food on hand you won't have to worry about getting any. Regardless of what happens, as long as you have a garden, food will always be on your dining room table. Self-sufficiency is the end result of people that devote themselves to a garden.

There's creativity involved in the actual planting and growing of seeds, as you have to figure out where to plant something and how to arrange them spatially. You'll find that gardening makes you feel more creative, and gives you a chance to express another side of yourself.

When you think of ways to exercise for fitness or to lose weight, gardening is probably not the first activity that comes to mind. Being physically fit is directly linked to being active in your garden every day. The reason the gardening works so well is that you have to use different muscles in a variety of ways to get your gardening done. If you are doing a lot of composting, or moving rocks that are in your dirt, you will have quite a bit of exercise and will improve day by day. Your physical fitness will greatly improve as you do all of these activities throughout the week. As an added bonus, you are getting a healthy dose of Vitamin D because you are in the sunlight.

Gardening is much more than a simple pastime in that you learn how to become a better person and also put nutritious food on the table. Growing your garden, therefore, can provide you with help in life physically as well as financially. Planting a garden can involve growing flowers, fruit, and of course vegetables; it is up to you which you choose to grow. Your garden can be your own personal space to create something of real value.

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