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Among the first mixers delivered by this quality trademark was a Kenwood Chef Classic. The look of this food mixer was pulled out from a recognizable Chef that lots of us may recall from the time our grand or our mothers owned. Kenwood Chef Classic is for whoever has a passionate and growing fascination with food preparing.

Kenwood Chef Classic can definitely handle the competition and it is ideal if you are thinking to trim the cooking duration all the while create amazing outcomes. The mixing extensions maintain the compounds within the container low doing away with wasting any food or needing to scrape it off the bottom of the container as soon as the job is over. Alongside being a very helpful food mixer, Kenwood Chef Classic also possesses the classic yet the present-day style simultaneously and you will surely be satisfied for holding it within your kitchen.

As soon as you need to cook, all you need to do is calculate the food ingredient parts and the rest is conducted by this tough working but quick kitchen machine. Regardless if you're mixing batter for muffins or mixing a dough for fantastic cookies, your Kenwood Chef Classic will do the work beautifully each and every time.

Let us to move a step back and probe a bit more deeper into the roots or history of Kenwood as a name. Kenwood kitchen and domestic appliances was established in the 1947 by Kenneth Wood whose 1st invention and merchandise was a crafty electric powered toaster in which you could toast two sides of the slice bread without actually touching it. At that time, that was an amazing novelty.

Not long thereafter, Kenwood Chef was started and that is where Kenwood Chef Classic draws its design at present. These two and quite a few other kitchen appliances items that followed inspired the post war kitchens. Now days, the corporation is located in 40 international locations and has more than 200 different products.

Back on the question of Kenwood Chef Classic, its exact model number is actually KM336. It is powered using a strong 800 watt electric motor and its metal build is supplied in white color along with silver trim. It sports a varying electric speed control and a pulse action is available. Its metallic body will assure that this Kenwood mixer will serve you year after year even if you use it regularly.

Additional specifications, attachments and options include these: dough tool, K - beater, whisk, splash shield, bowl attachment outlet (low and high speed). Container material is brushed stainless steel and container tool fabricated from out of coated light weight aluminum. Kenwood Chef Classic weighs 6.5kg (14lb) and it has 1 year warranty.

In terms of ordering one of these great food mixing appliances, the obvious online retailers would be otherwise you could purchase a completely new of used ones on Choice instead of shopping on the internet for Kenwood Chef Classic should be to check out the local department shop. You will find that department stores occasionally run specials on appliances for the kitchen inclusive of food mixers so you may be lucky to pick up a great deal on this Kenwood mixer.

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