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Looking for a Campbell Hausfeld Air compressor? Your right air compressors are simply awesome. They save heaps of energy, save time and allow the user to work proficiently and with no trouble. The numerous uses of a pressure washer go on and on, and their understandably beneficial and valuable in countless unusual situations which make them the one must have item for any shop. I worked for a couple hours today on the install of cedar siding to my wood shed. Not including the pressure washer and compressor that work would have taken me much too long. It was a enormous time saver for me. The thought of messing around with a hose to wash the boards or a hammer and some finish nails would have driven me mad. If you have worked using a nail gun before then you will know how necessary they are. Without the compressor unit, the nail gun just wouldn't work.

In this article I thought that I would move beyond the typical list building of the many uses for a air compressor. I thought I would go to the discussion on what make them work. I would like to pay special attention to a number of the portable air compressor companies making these tools presently.

The First company up on the list is a corporation called Campbell Hausfeld. This is a corporation that takes pride in their different products. And they really well should. Campbell Hausfeld makes a good diversity of air compressors units over an extensive range of options and prices for all budgets. Their central 1 gallon pancake type machine is ideal for inflating air mattresses, air brushing, or using a brad nailer or other miniature tools. This component also packs rather great value into one small space. For around a hundred bucks you acquire the compressor, a 25 foot recoil hose, a needle and adapter, 2 inflation nozzles and the air chuck piece. It also has a handle rod grip for painless portability. Just plug it in to a standard electrical outlet, let it gather pressure to where you have set its gauge, and use. When you are finished just turn the pit cock off and release any additional pressurized air from the tank system. This is imperative because it lets water moisture out of the tank so it doesn't rust inside the tank. This is a fabulous unit for simple use around the home, shop, office or garage.

Another company you have most likely already heard of that manufactures some awesome air compressor units is Powermate. They use both a Briggs and Stratton Intek gas engine as well as a Honda OHV engine. These are a leap in price, but as the saying goes isn't everything in life worth having cost more? You have a tendency to obtain what you pay for. For between $800-$1200 you can get a 4 to 8 gallon unit that will provide the capability and pressure you will want for bigger jobs than the smaller pancake Campbell Hausfeld air compressor unit will allow you to have. These are high quality contractor grade equipment designed for heavy and more constant use. Liquid filled pressure gauges and brass cross fittings suit a unit with Swedish stainless reed valves and automotive style ball bearings. If you do roofing, siding, or other construction, then it goes with out saying that you can't go wrong with one of Powermate's air compressors or pressure washer units.

Finally, Jenny Products builds some fabulous mid range air compressors that are a quality above all. These have a 1.5 gallon to 4 gallon machine that is around $600. A bunch of air compressors have single tanks but others will come with two different tanks. If you are needing to do a large roofing job with a nail gun for long periods of time this is ideal for you. Many times the single tank units will be intermittently turning off then on as they restock the pressurized air. This can be very annoying to say the least, so go with a two tank air compressor if you have a concern with lasting power.

There are lots of portable Campbell Hausfeld air compressor units and other companies like Jenny products that make a good air compressors and put it on the market in a span of different price ranges. Be patient and educated when it comes to your purchase of one and you'll never regret it. This is one investment where you will say that the money is well spent.

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