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The ongoing search for home improvement has unearthed a new definition. That term 'Garden Design' has become en vogue in recent months with the profileration of lifestyle shows brought to you by Alan Titchmarsh and Charlie Dimmock espousing the benefits of a multi-layered garden. Something that bind the varying aspects together including fence panels, turf and decking. Here we will look at all 3.

Historically a healthy lawn was the centre-piece of your garden. And while in many instances that still remains the case, a garden lawn alone is not enough for you to keep up with the Jones next door. Before we explore those options though, a word on turf. In recent years turf has become increasingly cheap. While turf is simple to lay large orders need intensive manual labour, in which case you may want to employ the contractor.

Should you brave the process and decide on laying the turf, just be sure you have enough reserves of topsoil. That is, you'll require between 2 to 6 inches for the the turf to thrive.

Other principle features of your back garden are the right fence panels. Other than picket fencing there are a series of other options at your hands. A simple option that will endure includes over lap fence panels. But for fencing that looks more pleasing look at close board fences honed with convex and concave designs. A number of varying fence panel options can be discovered at Do It Your Self stores like Wickes.

Decking has rapidly grown in popularity. Why has this happened? Decking is a relatively inexpensive alternative to those looking to best use their garden for gatherings among friends and loved ones. Many people actually choose to do the decking themselves; contrary to popular belief decking can be learnt quite quickly. In the event you any advice on how best to do this, just contact us.

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