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Many people dream of having an outdoor wedding, but unfortunately it is not always the most practical choice. This is especially the case if you live in the UK, where the weather cannot be depended upon to be sunny and warm for your big day.

The answer for many people is to hire a marquee. This allows the happy couple and their guests to head under the cover of a marquee if the weather turns, whilst still enjoying the great outdoors. Another benefit of hiring marquees is that they can accommodate far more guests than many indoor venues can.

Before you can hire a marquee for your wedding, there are certain things you need to consider. The first is the time of year you would like to hire your marquee. The summer months of June and July are understandably the most popular months for outdoor weddings, which means that all the best marquees Bucks has to offer may be booked up.

You don't have to change the date of your wedding in order to get a good marquee for it, but you will need to act fast to secure your marquee for your dream date.

Location is another important point to consider. Not only do you need a picturesque backdrop for your marquee, but your chosen location also needs to meet health and safety guidelines. The ground needs to be level, and there can't be anything below or above to obstruct the marquee. You should also choose a local company to hire your marquee from, so if your wedding is in Aylesbury, make sure you have a team from a marquee hire Aylesbury company on hand to assist you.

Last of all, consider the size of the marquee. Make sure you have a clear idea of numbers, and choose a marquee which has the appropriate seating and standing capacity.

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