By Alan Cray

The garden is a beautiful place for you to retreat during the week and remind yourself of all the work you've done there. By having a garden you have a lot of work to do in your spare time, but it's usually welcome because you enjoy it as a hobby.

A beautiful garden is exactly what some people need to forget the troubles of the day. By spending a lot of time there you can easily forget about anything that's bothering you and focus on the good things in life. This is why many people garden, but also to have something to maintain and look after as they feel they need something to do.

The garden can be of a lot of use in summer because the sun is out and there is usually plenty of space. This is great as it means you can eat meals outdoors and spend time with others outdoors as well.

Inviting people round in the summer is great if you have a garden. This is because you can all bask in the sun while you relax and socialise as well. There's no point in being inside during the summer because there is so much to do outdoors.

Having a party in the garden is great fun. A garden party is your personal party that no one can come to if you don't want them to. This is great because it gives you a level of control over things that you can't really have at a big venue.

Being able to show other people what you've done in the garden is great. The reason for this is that you've put a lot of effort into making it look nice and people will appreciate it when you show them. For many the garden is of particular importance, particularly if they don't have a job.

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