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For parents who struggle head lice issues with their children, this article will talk about some helpful head lice home remedies from its prevention up to any of its possible cure. Also called pediculosis, these small insects or lice are intruders that could contagiously affect one to another. Typically found in a girl's head, these types of human head lice are mainly vulnerable to women that have longer length and heavier volume of hair.

Below are some helpful remedies on the way to get rid of head lice at home.

Head Lice Causes & Remedies

Anybody can easily acquire head lice problem once you utilize clothes or brush with a person who has troubles with head lice concerns. One female lice can normally lay numerous numbers of eggs in a day where it easily transfer its eggs to another one by utilizing the same pillows of an individual affected with head lice, using its brush or any other hair accessories; or using clothes where its eggs are easily transferred just after combing the hair.

Head lice can actually grow their contagious infestation from one head to another, though the good thing is they are curable and are easily prevented.

Scientifically, there are numerous products that guarantee to cure head lice completely. A few have guaranteed to work, whilst others are not too powerful to clear away this head lice continuous growth in one's hair. For this reason most parents are still in continuous search on how to remedy and treat away head lice particularly in children.

Head Lice Mayonnaise Treatment

It is one of the natural treatment for head lice cures where most parents find effective recourse on how they could possibly clear out insects of lice on their children hair. Research shows that adult insects of lice could be treated with oil, as its eggs can be cured away with vinegar or lemon juice.

So just why mayonnaise works as a good head lice home cure?

Mayonnaise is made with ingredients which contain egg yolk, vinegar, or lemon juice, and oil. Mayonnaise just has the complete ingredients which can possibly remove these insects of head lice to clearly leave away in your head or from your kid's head.

Mayonnaise oil is explained to quite possibly suffocate the adult lice, while vinegar or lemon juice ingredients from the mayonnaise itself can as well stop its egg to hatch and produce more continual growth of lice in one's head. And even though there are no medical back up research on how mayonnaise could completely clear away lice insects in your head or to your child's head - most parents find it very effective on how to eliminate and cure away head lice easily.

Mayonnaise Lice Treatment Method

* Prepare hair cap and a bowl of mayonnaise.

* Apply for mayonnaise throughout the hair and cover it with the prepared hair cap to possibly target the complete mayonnaise treatment against these insects or head lice.

* Assess wrapping and treatment time for 8 hours, or prefer to do this mayonnaise treatment method overnight especially for kids.

* Wash and thoroughly clean treated hair with any regular shampoos that you have at home, and keep doing the application until lice are entirely killed or treated.

Head Lice Home Prevention

* Prevention for head lice should always begin with head lice home cleaning method. As this insect head problem contagiously affect one to another - it is very important that lice treatment and prevention should start from cleaning the entire home.

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