By Alan Cray

Living sustainably is the future of the world. At the moment we are burning through our fuel faster than we're finding new sources, and soon it will be all gone. This is means that we need to begin living more sustainably now in order to cope with what the future is going to bring with it.

Living sustainably is the ultimate dream of world leaders. At the moment we have to rely on fossil fuels and have a lot of products that result in rubbish that will never break down and biodegrade. This is terrible news because it means we are slowly but surely destroying out home planet.

There are many ways to live an eco-friendly life with items like solar panels. These absorb the energy from the heat and light the sun produces and uses it to power household items. This means that nothing has had to be burnt in order to supply that energy.

Some people put grass on the roofs of their sheds to keep them warm and act as an extra surface on which food can be grown. This is very beneficial when it works well as during the summer people want to grow as much food as they can.

At the end of the day everyone loves growing plants and caring for animals as they're growing life. Animals need to be looked after and in return they can give you food that will keep you alive without having to pay for Tesco to deliver it.

Life is constantly growing around the world. People keep animals in their gardens and houses and harvest the food they produce, as well as growing plants that will products fruit and vegetables to eat. All of this will help people to live sustainably and cut down on their carbon foot print which is killing the planet.

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