By Alana Tunkermeister

If you're looking to add charm and appeal to your garden, patios or decks, you can try adding some outdoor hanging lanterns to your backyard. Seeing the gently swaying lamps, their glow softly lighting up the small area around it, you'll get a sense of romance and peace around your parties in the twilight. Lanterns are typically square boxes with glass sides. This lets the light gently illuminate the surroundings. Outdoor hanging lanterns are designed to withstand exposure to the elements, and that's the reason why the glass is covered within a metal frame. They are often more decorative than useful for lighting.

You will find different types of lanterns. The most used ones are the electric lanterns which come in different watt-ages. You can have the different lamps or multiple lamps in one big one. Never use lamps meant for indoor use for the outdoors. That indoor lamps are unsuitable for the gardens and outdoor weather. The rains and wind can do much damage to them. This can also become dangerous if wires get exposed. Get good quality outdoor-proof lamps which are safe for all weather conditions.

You will find garden lights that are powered by solar energy. These lamps are much cheaper to operate than your regular electricity lights as you don't have to pay your energy bills for your solar lamps. Once you buy and install solar lights your don't have to pay for anything else. Now, there is a lot of variety even in solar powered hanging lanterns. There are several stores that sell them. Buy them in bulk and you can get discount on your lamps.

You can find lanterns that use candles for illuminating. The candles are placed in special holders in the lamps. The illumination provided by candle lamps may not be very high but the old-world charm of the candle lanterns can't be beaten. With a number of these lamps hanging from your patios and decks you can have a nice night out with friends and family. An evening party will be more charming with those candle lanterns swaying gently in the breeze.

While buying outdoor hanging lanterns for garden lighting, be sure to check if you're getting sufficient wiring that will reach up to the plug points, so the lanterns can work. While using solar powered lights will avoid this need, you'll have to make sure the lanterns are exposed to direct sunlight so the batteries can recharge. If you're house is in a protected location, this option may not work well.

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