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It is universally acknowledged that flowers are a perfect gift for any occasion. They can represent all manner of emotions and occasions more effectively than perhaps any other gift thanks to their inherit diversity and beauty. Weddings, funerals, birthdays, leaving dos and more will (from now until the end of time) be forever adorned with flowers and with good reason. Why then, settle for sub-standard flowers from a supermarket with the incredible florists Birmingham has on its doorstep, florists that offer a value, passion and choice that a supermarket flower stall could never even hope to match.

Although there is something to be said for making your own choices, when matching the right flowers to the right occasions, the recipients tastes should always be the first thing taken into consideration. This could extend to favourite colour preferences or even perhaps favourite flower preferences, either way it is up to you as the buyer to make the right call. If there is no preference on the part of the recipient then it's always best to use colour as a guide. For romantic events, red is always a good bet for example.

As unfortunate as it might be to consider, funerals are an occasion when flowers are not so much appreciated as expected. When choosing the right lasting tribute for your deceased loved ones, a fair amount of consideration is in order. Much as with any other circumstance, colour is key here. For ladies softer colours such as pink and white are generally the common courtesy, whereas for gentleman bolder colours tend to be the norm, with blues, oranges and light yellows.

A florist should be able to customise any arrangement necessary for the occasion but there will be a steep price for arrangements that require a lot of specific design work. Standard themes and tributes can be just as effective, styles that are often used include circular 'Wreaths', delicately wove flower 'Baskets', 'Hearts' and even 'Letter' shapes. Perhaps the most popular tributes left at funerals however are crosses and funeral 'Sprays', which come in double or single ended designs in various colours and sizes and are used to decorate the coffin.

Florists Birmingham can lay claim to calling their own are almost beyond counting (it is the countries second city after-all) but regardless of where you venture for your floristic needs, a decent florist should be able to assist when it comes to the arrangements eventual delivery. For weddings or funerals the flowers can be delivered right to the church and for births and 'get well soon' occasions they can also be delivered to most national hospitals. Special messages can also be arranged to be included with the arrangements, these can be stock 'with all our love' style phrases or more individual notes of love and respect.

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