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For sustainable food production enthusiast, Aquaponics is the next best thing since sliced bread! And who could blame them? You get meat (fish) and vegetables at the same time without having to spend too much time and effort.

This is defined as a food production system that combines hydroponics and aquaculture in a synergistic environment. For gardening amateurs, Hydroponics is when one grows vegetables not on soil, but cultivating them using just fertilized water; Aquaculture on the other hand, refers to the raising of aquatic animals such as fish or prawns.

Aquaponics combines the 2 systems into a sustainable and reduced maintenance food production technique. Despite the difficulty in constructing the set- up, the rewards to acquiring one at your home offsets the disadvantages, making this procedure of sustainable food production most popular for those techniques.

Among the list of major attributes of Aquaponics is its sustainability. Upon building the machine, clients provides the assurance of many system working on its own without using much interference from the gardener.

The fish which will be in the aquatics section of the machine provide the vegetables with all the vital nitrogen- rich fertilized water by means of their droppings along with metabolic wastes, the water coming from the fish tank is circulated at the plants; your plants then filter, purify, and water that is clean an affliction where the fish can safely live, thus, maintenance on the part of the owner is minimal, except maybe of the harvesting, clean- up, and the next range of planting.

Another advantage to this system is the economy, in space and in cost. The structure of the system enables the owner to grow plants one on top of the other, similar to how you keep your clothes in a multi-level cabinet. For as long as the vegetables get enough sunlight and are provided with adequate growing space, one can be guaranteed of fresh produce every harvest.

Through Aquaponics, even an urban resident can enjoy raising their own crop without having to worry too much about space. Finally, what makes it a popular gardening method is the quality of the produce, both fish and veggies.

One can be rest assured that everything is raised organically. No chemicals. No toxins. All Earth- friendly, one can always enjoy a healthy option without relying heavily on organic farm. Aquaponic gardening is an experience that does not only provide a sustainable food source, but a rewarding sense of accomplishment as well.Working with aquaponics is an amazing experience. In general, providing your own food on your own terms can be fun and surprisingly easy. Get started today!

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