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Columbus public parks and gardens bring the peace and sweetness of nature to busy city dwellers with wonderful flower gardens, an amazing glass enclosed conservatory, prize-winning roses, and glorious topiary.

Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Garden

Since 1895, the Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Garden has served the common public as a relief from busy city life with its lovely exhibits and tempting events. Within the glass enclosed Conservatory, visitors are treated to the superb thing about a tropical wonderland within the Pacific Island Water Garden room. Wonder at the floating Chihuly glass spheres on the tropical pool and other superb displays of glass design across the conservatory.

One of the latest exhibits is Blooms and Butterflies each spring where visitors get personal with a variety of species of butterflies in a blooming tropical setting. After rambling the exhibits visitors can ramble thru the rigorously manicured grounds and enjoy the ideal balance of nature and modern art. The exhibits revolve consistently and new exhibits are brought in so there's usually something superb to see at the Franklin Park Conservatory.

Whetstone Park and the Park of Roses

Inside Whetstone Park, one of the most important Columbus public parks is among the most attractive Gardens in Columbus, the 13 acre Park of Roses which is home to 3 separate rose gardens. In the key garden, handsome beds of more than four hundred types of roses and just about twelve thousand blooming roses fill symmetrical beds that surround a pretty water fountain located in the middle of the roses.

Guests of the Heritage garden walk down walkways past older expansion of roses on view. The Earth Kind Garden is a demonstration garden developed to test rose gardening without pesticides, chemical element manure using modern systems of gardening.

You can also find in the Park of Roses, a place dedicated to develop roses that will have better solutions, the All America Rose Selections display garden.

The Topiary Garden

James T. Mason was the artist responsible for the creation of the Topiary Gardens. It is considered one of the most creative and incredible gardens in Columbus. Its design was inspired by "Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte", a famous painting by George Seurat.

The painting pictures Victorian age residents enjoying a nice day in the park at the shore with family, mates, and pets. The Topiary Garden has reproduced plenty of the characters found in the painting using creative horticulture. Imagine mooching through a garden bursting with Victorian characters made using topiary on common shrubbery and walking past the pool garnished with topiary of someone fishing from a little ship and a lot more. This extraordinary example of Columbus public parks plays host to concerts, live performances, and romantic marriages.

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