By Max Crows

If you grew up working in your parent's garden, you know how much you can save in fruits and vegetables. It is relatively inexpensive and not that hard to do. There is nothing quite like fresh taste from your own garden. In addition, you can grow your own herbs. The taste of your own produce is far better than that available in store. Added to this is the glow of producing your own food. In addition it is you who is in charge of what is added. As the grower, you are sure there are no preservatives, all is natural and fresh.

Lots of people just don't have the space for lots of fruit and vegetable growing. Therefore people need to look at alternatives. Planting a garden in a range of small spaces may be an answer. Doing this allows you to harvest a crop and then plant more for later in the season. Old tires are a great way for planting a garden.

Getting free old tires should be easy from many places. In some cases, they might cost 5 bucks with tire discounts. If you plan to do some regular planting you will need about 5 tires. If you are planning on a larger planting, maybe up to ten will be needed

To some people the old tires may not look so good. Maybe the neighbors will object? Covering them up with something can make them look much better. To increase their attraction try putting them in wooden boxes. Cutting into floral patterns and then painting them works. Try, as a stand, the rim of the tire.

Decide on a place where you are going to put them and prepare the soil, by cultivating it down to 4 inches. For healthy plants you will need the roots to grow as deeply as is possible.

Good soil is essential for planting. A local store, Home Depot or a Lowes will stock this. Follow the instructions on planting the seed and fertilize well. Don't over water, but do water regularly. You will have a small but adequate garden that will fulfill your needs very well. You will save money on vegetables and fruits because it costs far less to grow them then to buy them in the store.

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