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The price of a Garden hose holder can vary greatly depending on which sort of holder you need and also the quality and size. How Much Does A Garden Hose Holder Cost

The lower end of the market is dominated by simple garden hose hangers, basic hooks, standing hose holders as well as other products with no moving pieces. These are used as hassle-free storage which you could rest your hose on if you're not using it. Because there are little to no moving parts they will not break easily and are very cheap, they are only going to cost you a few bucks so there is no excuse not owning one. Some would say that these are not really garden hose holders because you might as well throw your hose around a stick or a tree branch but still I believe they are worth mentioning here.

Garden hose reels are right in between the cheap and expensive ones at about $30 and up but if you have to pay more than $60-70 you must just get ripped off. They carry the garden hose wound up on a reel while not using the garden hose. Actually, for these prices you will only find plastic models some of which often contain a regular hose, always check the hose and how long it is especially.

Next up are generally immobile garden hose reels, you can get them in standing or wall mounted varieties. The standing ones usually can hold a much longer hose as much and well over 200 feet while the wall mounted varieties will most likely hold only 100 feet of hose. Beginning at around 50-60 dollars but they can go far over the 100 dollar mark for automatically retracting wall mounted garden hose reels.

The top notch hose holders are manufactured from a single piece of metal and covered or refined to ensure that they will not corrode. The sturdiness of the substance means it can easily carry longer hoses and tend to be much less likely to crack under load. You are likely to pay anything about as well as over $200 to get a top of the line model.

Basically you will find a large variety of garden hose holder prices and the saying "you get what you pay for" is suitable here as well. Don't expect a $20 part to last year in year out under all climate conditions. That does not mean it can't complete the task though, if you only need a hose for infrequent use you are probably best off having a garden hose reel that has the hose included so you can get started with it immediately.

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