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If you grew up working in your parent's garden, you know how much you can save in fruits and vegetables. It is relatively inexpensive and not that hard to do. You will thoroughly enjoy the freshness of a garden vegetable. In addition, you can grow your own herbs. The taste of your own produce is far better than that available in store. Growing your own produce is very satisfying. Also you are the person controlling what is added to the production. You can be happy knowing the fresh produce is additive free.

Lots of people just don't have the space for lots of fruit and vegetable growing. For that reason, they need an alternative. Try planting your garden in some smaller spaces. Doing this allows you to harvest a crop and then plant more for later in the season. Try planting in old tires, it can really work.

Old tires are available free at many outlets. You might them for only $5.00 in other places. On average all you will need is maybe four or five for a good bit of planting. But large installations may require over ten tires.

The idea of old tires in the garden may not seem so good. Maybe the neighbors will object? There are ways of dressing them up by covering them with something that looks much better. To increase their attraction try putting them in wooden boxes. You can cut them up to form patterns such as pedals on a flower, and paint them on the outside to make them look better. You can even use the rim as a stand.

Dig down to a depth of 4inches to prepare the soil, once you have decided on a suitable spot. You want the roots to extend as far as they need to grow into healthy plants. Always use good soil for planting. You can buy this at Home Depot, Lowes or your local hardware store. Planting your seeds in well fertilized soil is essential. It is vital that water well but not too much. You will have a small but adequate garden that will fulfill your needs very well. Growing your own produce instead of buying it will save you money.

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