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A good way to save on fruit and vegetables is to grow your own, like your parents may have done. It is relatively inexpensive and not that hard to do. You will thoroughly enjoy the freshness of a garden vegetable. In addition, you can grow your own herbs. Store bought produce cannot be as good as that which you grow fresh from the garden. Growing your own produce is very satisfying. In addition it is you who is in charge of what is added. You know it is fresh, natural, and without preservatives.

Lots of people just don't have the space for lots of fruit and vegetable growing. For that reason, they need an alternative. Try planting your garden in some smaller spaces. This works because you can plant, harvest, and plant again during the season and still have enough for your personal needs. One good idea is to plant your garden in old tires.

You can find many places where you can get these for free. In some cases, they might cost 5 bucks with tire discounts. On average all you will need is maybe four or five for a good bit of planting. Large jobs will obviously need a lot more, maybe double the amount.

You might think that these old tires don't look that good. Will the neighbors not like them? Of course you can always cover them in ways that will improve how they look. Setting the tires in some wooden boxes would make them look better. Cutting into floral patterns and then painting them works. Try, as a stand, the rim of the tire.

Dig down to a depth of 4inches to prepare the soil, once you have decided on a suitable spot. You want the roots to extend as far as they need to grow into healthy plants. Always use good soil for planting. A local store, Home Depot or a Lowes will stock this. Follow the instructions on planting the seed and fertilize well. Don't over water, but do water regularly. The little garden will keep you supplied with all you need. Growing your own produce instead of buying it will save you money.

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