By Faye Conner

Everyone would want their backyard to stand out and maybe if they're lucky even be featured in some local magazines. However accomplishing this task isn't going to be easy and therefore you need to make sure that you work hard in order to make your backyard stand out from the rest.

Some things to consider when deciding where to locate your patio is what you are going to use the space for. Take note of where the sun is during the day.

Their leaves don't wither quickly and therefore you don't have to worry about maintenance either. Trimming isn't going to be an issue either. Therefore, bamboo gardens ask for very little compared to the beauty they add to your home. You could even use the bamboo wood for a lot of stuff if you want to. Everyone loves a bonsai garden filled with miniature trees, some of them even fruit bearing. Bonsai plants are commonly called miniature masterpieces and I'm sure there's no better term that could be used.

Tiered potted plant stands and hangers make it easy to get started gardening upward. For more vertical options, try installing a trellis against a sunny wall, an arch or arbor over your entryway, or a pergola over your seating area. A bench with a trellis on each side or arch arcing over the seat does double duty to provide a rest stop and space for more plants. These benches works especially well for aromatic plants, bringing the plant close to nose level, where it's easier to enjoy.

They're a great idea if you've got limited space as they grow in small pots and are never placed in the ground as that wouldn't keep them small, instead they would grow into full-fledged trees.

Small patio ideas are numerous! There are many things you can do with a small backyard.

Grow rare plants

Use trellises or plant screens to section off one part of the yard from the rest, then design each section for a particular use. In one "room" you might create a partially paved dining area with a table and chairs, pots of aromatic herbs and efficient outdoor lighting for evening meals, while another other room might serve as a reading nook with a chaise lounge or hammock, rustling bamboo and small waterfall to create a relaxing ambiance.

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