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Landscapes in the southern part of California have special requirements, due to the climate. Because annual precipitation is limited, you must take water into account when you plan. These useful tips from the best landscaping service San Diego has to offer, will help you get better results from your efforts.

Plants that require little water will do best in Southern California. They resist times of drought and do not require a lot of attention and care. Choose plants like Spanish Lavender or Rosemary. This will save you time that can be better spent on other activities. There is much to do in this part of California, with its lovely and agreeable climate.

To save on water, limit the amount of lawn grass that you plant. Instead, add features like walkways and patios. You can use inexpensive paving stones to make a beautiful patio or outdoor area for entertaining. There are many lovely California landscapes with plants surrounded by tree bark or stone.

Growing a garden is not hard, but you must make special considerations. For example, due to the limited nutrients in the soil, you should fortify it. Consider using top soil and compost with everything that you plant. In fact, this is an excellent area for container gardens.

Instead of planting a large lawn, consider ornamental grasses like zebra grass. It is very easy to grow and requires a minimum amount of water. You will have much less work with these type of plants, as there is no frequent watering and mowing required. For added color to a yard, consider purple fountain grass.

When you create you new landscape, keep the environment in mind. Your San Diego landscape pros are there to help you select the right materials and plant life for your situation. They will help you develop a landscape that will increase the value and beauty of your home, and can be a focal point of your outdoor life.

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