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A gazebo is a structure made to keep you cool but also to add beauty to your outdoor space. While it's easy to get excited when shopping for one, you'll need to know the basics first. So here's your quick intro to the most important and useful options.

Some homeowners only require a shady area a few times a year, not every day. If that sounds like you, a pop up gazebo could be just what the doctor ordered. Budget-friendly, lightweight, and eye-catching they can make a phenomenal place to have a ceremony, party, or just a quiet get-together with friends. If you will only be needing to use it one or two times you may want to consider renting from a company, but any more than that and it's in your best interest to buy.

Where you put your gazebo comes down to your personal preference and of course the layout of your property. If you have any features such as a scenic view or water garden you may want to consider them first. Another popular choice is to install your gazebo where you will need shade the most such as on a patio or next to a swimming pool to ensure you can always get out of the sun.

When shopping gazebo kits are easily one of the best way to find big discounts. Not only are they very fair in price but come with all the pieces, screws, bolts, and parts all in one box. They are designed so that even someone with no skill can put them together and install them with the help of a buddy and a few simple tools. Structures made from wood, metal, and vinyl are all choices when it comes to kits.

When you know that you will be leaving your structure in one place for a long time, a permanent gazebo is usually the top choice. Most often they are made from metal and vinyl because of their obvious strength and toughness. Wood can really add a natural feel while metal is more modern. Vinyl too has become a very popular choice in the last few years because it doesn't need any taking care of, is tough, and cheaper than both wood and metal.

There are many fun gazebo options for those who love their looks but don't have the space for something full-sized or simply just want to add something extra to complement their existing one. A grill gazebo will provide you with shade while you are cooking up food and also normally have shelves where you can keep a cool drink and all of your cooking supplies and tools. Dog owners often choose to go with outdoor kennels that have wire fencing in the shape of a gazebo with a covered roof of course that really make it seem as if their pooch has their own mini version of a gazebo too.

From pop ups to kits there is a gazebo to meet every need. Simply take your take time before purchasing to consider what type suits your needs best and then where you will place it for maximum enjoyment and you can't go wrong!

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