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While there are many types of outdoor furnishings out there more often than not they are only suited for use in specific areas. When you want something that can be used in a variety of places you'll have to stick with a handful of materials. One which always works is rattan garden furniture and here are the best spots to use it!

The majority of furniture varieties can be used on your patio if it is medium or large in size. Yet for the patio which is smaller your options are very limited. In contrast rattan cube garden furniture is a perfect fit for even the most restricted spaces. This type is actually a set with a table, chairs, and sometimes a few extras that can be put together to form a cube. And this will save you a ton of space when it's not being used. Plus, they look pretty cool too.

For anyone who has an outdoor structure on their property they are very fortunate since rattan is a perfect pairing. Pergolas and gazebos are shady places to relax but in order to do so you will definitely need some comfy furnishings. Rattan furniture can of course provide you with a great place to kick your feet up but also one that will add to the looks of your structure and yard as a whole with its exotic looks.

A shady spot under a tree is always a phenomenal area to take advantage of. But sometimes you may want some sun, or maybe a lot of it. Since this material is so light in weight you can easily move even whole rattan garden furniture sets to your favorite sunny spot. Of course it also allows you to move your furniture back to the shade when you get too hot so you can take advantage of both shady and sunny locations on a whim.

Outdoor bar areas are always a fun addition to any outdoor space. They allow you to drink responsibly at home and entertain guests. Rattan furnishings can really work here too not just because they are comfy but since they can add such a modern style. Many bars and the stools that go with them are even made from rattan themselves. But of course you can use them for the surrounding seating or tables as well.

A porch is often an overlooked area to use rattan. Because it is weatherproof rattan garden furniture is sometimes considered more something for use out in the yard. However, on the porch it really shines. This is particularly true because of the fact that it won't be exposed to the elements and thus always retain a brand-new look.

Rattan garden furniture is so versatile it works in all of these places and more. So be sure to try out these spots but don't be afraid to get creative as you'll surely be surprised with just where and how you can use it!

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