By Juliana Costello

There are many perks that come along with deciding to add a gazebo to your yard. But of course one of the biggest is having a place to relax outdoors with friends and family. These structures don't just come in a range of types but also work in an array of places. Before you begin shopping for one though, you will want to know the following facts.

For many people something permanent is the best way to go. A permanent gazebo will be able to handle harsh weather conditions and high winds. That's because they are typically made from materials like wood or metal. While this variety will cost more, they will also provide you and your family with a place to relax for many years into the future.

Depending on your situation you may only need a structure every once in a while. This is often the case if you occasionally have outdoor events or parties. For these a pop up gazebo is usually the top option because they are easy to set up and also move. Some companies even offer this type for rent.

When you want something classic wood is usually the best material choice. A wooden gazebo can be such a treat on the eyes that it becomes the focal point of your yard. With a handful of different wood types, you will want to pick carefully. Each type has its own benefits and will require different upkeep too keep it looking fabulous.

There are many places on your property where you can add your structure with great success. For creating some shade near the pool they work very well. They also can make an interesting way to enjoy a side yard. And when placed near a garden, gazebos can not only make for a picturesque scene but allow you to enjoy your sweet smelling flowers in comfort.

If you are lucky enough to have building skills you might want to think about building your structure. Although you should be sure that you have a set of plans first to make sure that you get the results you want without wasting extra money and time. Nowadays you can also buy kits which you put together on your own and have everything you need already included.

Regardless of whether you fancy something temporary or more permanent, there is definitely something for everyone. With the above information you know enough to get started with confidence. So be sure to use it to help you pick the perfect gazebo for your needs and space.

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