By Peter Bachman

Many people have nowhere to store their outdoor equipment and lawn tools other than their garage. This frequently leaves them with little room to park their car in amongst the lawnmower, bicycles, random gardening implements, and seasonal things. If someone has such a garage, they might be smart to think about garden sheds.

There is considerable variety of size and design when it comes to these buildings. Many are quite small and straightforward, providing several square feet for lawnmowers and such. At the other end of the spectrum, it is possible to buy or build them as large as small houses. Most provide storage which is concealed from casual investigation and may deter many thieves.

Being able to lock the doors of an outbuilding is a considerable advantage in terms of security. People may not like using their lawnmower very much, but they are even less enthusiastic about the idea of someone walking off with it. Having their bike stolen is usually even more annoying to people, but this can be avoided almost entirely by having a place to lock it away from prying eyes.

Suppose someone owned two kayaks. Those are big things, and a separate storage facility would be a great idea. A reasonably small structure can easily accommodate the boats, paddles, and life vests without having them in the way all the time.

Working outside can be tiring enough without having to manhandle a seventy pound lawnmower back up the steps and into the garage. Being able to store the machine more conveniently might be better.

Rather than hauling the various yard work tools from the garage to the yard over and over again, it may be better to store them closer to where they are generally used. Garden sheds, by virtue of being situated in the yard already, make this much easier.

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