By Grant Hehr

What is not easy is to look at a clean, cute and fat puppy and imagine that it could come from a puppy mill. Unfortunately, a truly saddening fact is that puppy mills do exist and some pet stores that sell puppies get their puppies from these very mills.

The whole problem arises not because of the people who buy puppies from pet stores, but because the demand is so high for the puppies, and also simply because there is no adequate legislation or rules for things like these and what laws and rules that are present are not being enforced in the manner that they should be, for several reasons.

The thing that you need to weary of when getting your own puppy is not just the pet stores that get their puppies from puppy mills, but also bogus operations that run on the internet, or the people who sell puppies through advertisements in classifieds, and even those that sell puppies n a one on one basis.

Wait a minute though, doesn't that sound like any transaction you could have? After all there are only a limited number of ways in which you can get a puppy for yourself, and if you're not a breeder yourself then your options of getting puppies are limited to the options including the ones mentioned above.

What you need to look at here then is not the overall picture of getting a puppy, but your individual case. If you conduct a thorough check in the place you're getting your puppy from, be it from a pet store, a puppy breeder, an online puppy breeder or seller, or even through a classified advertisement, you can at least be sure that you are not getting your puppy from one of the puppy mills.

The flourishing puppy mills can be stopped only by using the above method. Most of the people would say that if you are getting your puppy from a pet store then you are helping out puppy mills. This is not the case in every situation.

There are several pet stores that do not get the puppies from puppy mills, and there are many puppy breeders that are respectable and who are running clean operations and are by no means uncaring and money driven puppy mills. Many of these breeders have been certified to be running good breeding institutions, and with a little bit of research and information gathering on your part you too can obtain your very own puppy from these places.

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