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A first aid bag isn't really just a normal hand bag these days. The concept of a first aid bag has significantly given way to a first aid kit since first aid items are more likely to be carried in tough, rainproof cloth bags or perhaps heavy duty vinyl cases than in an actual hand bag. However the term still sees some informal usage among emergency medical professionals and army field medics whose trauma response devices and supplies tend to be carried in duffle bag or rucksack-shaped boxes. For such kits a trauma bag is the popular word among makers and emergency health-related associations.

Regardless of whether its name is a kit or a bag, containers are commonly created to be rainproof, tough, and to open completely. Pouches typically unzip in order to lay spread out flat on the ground and provide complete access to all of the kit's contents. Plastic canisters commonly have a flip-top top that open to exposes equipment and supplies for simple selection in the heat of a high pressure moment.

Specific duffle-style professional first aid bags typically have a couple of huge side pockets to help with finding the right equipment. Also, the contents inside the primary pocket are often sub-packaged by category in plastic bags or scaled-down transparent pockets. As an example, a duffle-style first aid bag may contain a plastic wound dressing bag, an oral medicine bag, a rehydration bag, and so on.

Even though first aid kits can be bought in cases and pouches, water-proof textile pouches are the most typical for home, travel, and car kits. Plastic hard-shelled canisters and metal first aid cabinets are normally seen in workplace environments.

Picking the perfect emergency first aid bag or kit will likely be based on the location the place it's going to be placed and kept ready for use at. For the majority of shoppers, a kit will be for their home, car, or traveling. The items in these kits differ somewhat. Typically home and travel kits have equipment and supplies suited to treating minor injuries and ailments. Car kits contain additional first aid contents for stabilizing serious injuries such broken bones and lacerations. However, home disaster preparedness kits and first aid travel bags specialized for visiting remote locations are also stocked for treating serious injuries.

Regardless of the terms, first aid bags or kits are only effective if obtained ahead of an unexpected emergency. The best-stocked kit in the world is of small use if it's still sitting on a store shelf when an accident or emergency situation strikes.

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