By Franklin L. Carter

Where can you buy a ceramic umbrella stand? It really depends on the type you want to buy. Ceramic is a term used to describe products made from clay. They can be mass produced in China or one off pieces handed down via generations of the same family. The mass made items are cheap and cheerful and can be very pretty to look at. You can buy a couple to decorate your foyer and still have change left over from $100 bucks.

If you want an antique ceramic umbrella stand, $100 might not go very far. It really depends on where you buy the stand from. An antiques dealer will usually have bought the item as a house clearance or auction. He may have cleaned it up before putting it on sale.

He will charge a premium on the price as he is in business to make a profit. The benefit of buying from a recognized antiques dealer is the comfort of knowing you are buying an authentic product.

You can attend an auction yourself but you have to take care. Some products are not antiques despite being described as such. They may be a reproduction or a fake. The auction house may not be aware of the problem as some fakes are almost impossible to distinguish from the real deal. When you buy at auction you have very few rights to return the product if you find that you do not like it, it's faulty or you simply got carried away and over spent your budget.

You can buy a full range of ceramics to match your ceramic umbrella stand. You can find an antique ceramic coat rack, plates, vases etc. You may want to carry the same theme throughout your home perhaps taking a Victorian or Art Deco theme.

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