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Weed control Phoenix is simply the process of stopping the growth of unwanted plants before they reach a mature stage of growth. This is done at early stages of their growth to avoid reaching maturity where they can produce seeds thus increasing in number. Also controlling them at earlier stages is fur much easier and effective than at late stages.

It has several importance including; improved production quantity, it helps increase output or yields, improves the fertility of the land as most nutrients that could have been consumed by the destructive plants are protected, and also helps produce attractive products since are not infected.

Soil sterilization is used to clean the soil from destructive plants completely and thus is considered to be the most effective method. This is because most destructive plants cannot resist the humid heat soil.

Another method locally applied is spreading of wet newspaper or black polythene papers on the surface to stop growth of perennial plants. They can also be removed manually, this involves people uprooting these unwanted plants and leaving the desired crop to continue growing.

Unwanted plants can also be uprooted manually; this can be effective at early stages when such plant is still young. This is because at such stages, its roots are still weak thus making it easy to uproot them, also at such a stage it has not yet produced seeds thus destroying it result to total destruction of destructive plant.

Use of newspapers and polythene bags to spread them on the ground to stop the unwanted plants from germinating is another effective way of controlling them. Water can also be fed directly to the roots of the planted plant thus starving the unwanted plant resulting to its immediate death.

The most common and effective method of controlling these plants that are not wanted is the use of chemicals called herbicides. The main advantage of using these chemicals is that they are selective in that one can choose one that is suitable for a particular type of weed. This leads to destruction of targeted plant and leaving the other crops unharmed. weed control phoenix

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