By Samantha Cook

Good thing I bought an extra blade up front. I'm very satisfied.

Unless I'm overlooking the obvious, it's of little use to me. I find this edger does remain in the edger position when in use.

I love this new edger! It was easy to put together and easy to use. Overall a good product and a good warranty. It's a good option to consider when purchasing your new edger. You won't get a fine cut. It doesn't have enough power too, going for return to HD. This machine tackles the tough Bermuda grass without a hiccup. Plenty of power at much less cost than gasoline models.

However, my husband insists on a gas edger at 4 times the price, so I gave it to a friend as a gift. I bought a second one for my father-in-law and he loves it.

The new one clogs up and strains to get the job done. What a piece of garbage!

I used full depth and the machine performed flawlessly. I bought an extra blade with my original purchase and it is still in the package it came in.

I thought, for $90, I would give this a shot. By the way, ordered it via prime on Friday and chose Saturday delivery for only $4. They are TOUGH! The Edge Hog had no trouble cutting through them whatsoever. I would imagine this will wear on the blade quite a bit over time and bothers me but that is the only complaint I have. The power of the unit is good for an electric one in my opinion. I can't wait to edge it up again, it was enjoyable. Another note - edge shallow the first time, then go deeper later as you never know what's under your lawn edges. It chews up the grass and gets clogged up quickly inside the blade cover. The thing is sort of cheap looking especially the wheels.

I am a fanatic when it comes to edging and this tool is up for the job. All of my neighbors are jealous of my perfectly manicured lawn, Very easy to use.

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