By John Buckley

If you are intrigued about garden designs, well, this is for you. We here at Wiltshire Turf work with clients to establish a variation of particular garden solutions and designs. So, this article runs through the services we - and companies in your region - may offer. We hope this will grant you insights on the necessary steps to make the best of your garden. Ask yourself; what does your back garden really mean to you?

When we began, all those years ago, our first service was turf. Turfing is still our primary service, and while we deliver turf throughout the Wiltshire region, like other companies we offer many other services to our customers. This includes other services like delivering topsoil, decking and our expertise in tree surgery. These are all basics of your garden area.

While turf is actually very simple to lay down, many of our customers rather we carry out the manual labour alongside expert advice on how to sustain their lawns. So when you lay turf best have the foundation in place first. What we mean is that you'll require up 2 to 6 inches of top soil for the roots to settle. After that, plenty of water will be needed to hydrate your lawn.

Many people like to compliment their lawn with Decking. Decking has soared in popularity in recent years. Many home owners have come to understand that decking offers a simple and inexpensive solution. Decking affords the opportunity to offer social gatherings to friends and family and, for those on the property ladder, is also valuable tool in increasing the chances of a quick and profitable sale.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Service can vary from company to company so do your research and search for references and an established track record before selecting your contractor. Of course, if you have any further enquiries please drop us an email and we'll be happy to help.

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